I am... Timma Marett, Head of Communications for Women Ahead.

I’ve been... working in the fields of journalism, PR and marketing for the last 15 years in central Government and for a variety of SMEs in the sports and outdoor industries. I coached Government Ministers to present their best case in the media, and devised and led national health marketing campaigns. As a junior rower I represented England in international competitions. Something about being the smallest in the field of enormous rowers drove me on to win.

Women Ahead... is the drive not for equality but for fairly won parity between the genders. It’s the vision that one day the perceived differences which keep women back in the worlds of business and sport will no longer exist. It’s the joy I felt when my young son saw a picture of Olympic boxer Nicola Adams and didn’t question that she was a girl fighting. That’s the future we’re all working towards.

I bring... Persistence, creativity and the campaigning voice! It’s a thrill to be working with a group of such diversely talented and committed people.

Email me at : timma@moving-ahead.org