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I am.. Emily Spelman and I help with the incredible events at Moving Ahead.

I’ve been… studying International Business Management at Oxford Brookes and traveling around Australia, South Africa, South East Asia and South America. I spent a year working for the BMW Group where my passion for diversity, inclusion and mentoring flourished. While I was there, I implemented a brand new exchange (reverse) mentoring programme across the three major manufacturing sites as well as being an active member of the Diversity & Inclusion and Health & Wellbeing circles in order to encourage a better wellbeing, inclusive and engaged workplace. Based on that and other experiences I knew I wanted to pursue a career in a company that promotes these values. My goal is to do a job that makes a difference and that has a positive impact on people lives focusing on diversity and inclusion- a job that I was excited to wake up for in the morning.

Women Ahead Moving Ahead is… inspirational. The second I learnt about the company I was drawn to it and knew that it was right for me and my values, both professionally and personally. The events we organise and our speakers are empowering and energising.

I bring… passion, enthusiasm and a zest for life. Having grown up in France, I also speak fluent French.