I am… Pauline Horsfall and I’m a Client Partner.  That means I’m responsible for launching, leading and landing our projects and programmes with clients, to help them increase all spheres of workplace inclusion.  

I’ve been… in a variety of people-related roles, both in the UK, Europe and in the United States during my career.  More recently I have been involved in numerous transformation projects – specifically preparing leaders to play their part in leading and embedding change.  The difference between success and failure in business is always down to three things - people, purpose and having the capabilities and confidence to drive the change. 

I love… the changing world of work and the challenges it generates. Mentoring and coaching are great ways to help people navigate the changing world of work and develop the capabilities, values and behaviours they need to drive effective business change.  That’s what I love about WAMA, the intersection between skills development, purpose and integrity.  The world of work is changing.  Mentoring and coaching provide practical tools and support to makes those transitions at all organisational levels.

I bring… A growth mindset and great experience from the corporate world.

Moving Ahead and Women Ahead … helping business Get Ahead by embracing mentoring, diversity and inclusion. 

Contact me at 07739 925 075.