I am...Charlotte Monico, Lead Facilitator at Moving Ahead

I’ve been…Working at all ends of the business spectrum from Finance to People Operations, for organisations including large global conglomerates and angel-stage start ups. I kicked off my career with an eight year bootcamp in business skills, strategy and client delivery with the Boston Consulting group.  During that period I went back to ‘school’ for two years to get my Masters of Business Administration at Harvard, where I met some early stage Googlers who pretty quickly convinced me there was fun and growth to be had in the burgeoning internet world. At Google I started in Finance, setting up deal process and risk management first for Europe/Middle East/Africa across all products, and then heading up the function globally for all Ads products. I developed a risk assessment algorithm and tool that was adopted by the board for company level risk reporting. At that point I made a 180-degree turn in my career to join the People Operations group, initially leading the Development teams for several global functions and subsequently for the entire organisation (including Tech) in EMEA. For the past decade I have also been an enthusiastic mother to Bella (nine) and Emily (seven), and supported my husband’s business Cloudreach (cloud adoption, consulting and support) in growing from inception to a global company with 350+ employees.

Women Ahead...Drives new career (and life!) opportunities through connecting, inspiring and challenging people in ways that help them develop and stretch. The organisation is truly dynamic and is constantly evolving and finding new ways to drive impact.

I bring….Breadth and depth of experience from the corporate world, a passion for creating meaningful development opportunities, a curious mind that never stops learning, and a tenacious disposition that has helped me overcome various hurdles in my career and support hundreds of others with their own journeys.

Email me at Charlotte@moving-ahead.org