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I am…. Rachel Vecht and I’m working with Women Ahead and Moving Ahead to help employers understand how they can attract the best talent by making their workplaces adaptive and inclusive for parents and carers.  I also work with their employees who are parents or carers to help them better support their children’s learning at home.

I’ve been… in education all my life. I was previously a primary school teacher in both the state and independent sectors, as well as a student teacher trainer and mentor. I founded my business, Educating Matters, while on maternity leave with my first child. I deliver practical advice to employers, parents and carers through a wide variety of talks, seminars, webinars and one-to-one sessions about the challenge of balancing work and family. I’m thrilled to be working with Women Ahead and Moving Ahead to help advance this. I draw upon my background as a teacher, the latest research and government initiatives, as well as my everyday experiences of being a mother to four children.

I bring... a good sense and understanding of the challenges faced today by parents and other child carers. Teachers turn to parents to support them in their child’s academic development, and sometimes that support can unwittingly be detrimental to their progress. Over the past 17 years I’ve talked to tens of thousands of parents about their concerns and difficulties and taught them practical strategies to help them get the very best out of their kids in a positive, non-pressurised way.

Women Ahead and Moving Ahead… has a fantastic philosophy and way of working, and very much supports what I believe in - that diversity of thought, experience and teams leads to better business performance. It’s hugely important for companies to attract and retain the best talent through robust and inclusive family-friendly policies. In particular, I’d like to see companies putting more emphasis on promoting paternity leave to fathers, as well as the development of strong internal family networks for working parents to share their experiences.