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I’ve been...working with some of Moving Ahead’s largest partnerships, across a range of sectors. I am a chartered accountant and have worked with companies ranging from giant multinationals to the UK’s leading beer business. I’ve also worked as a financial trustee for a charity, led the implementation of a raft of people development activities at PwC, and cycled from the UK to New Zealand between 2010 and 2012! Aside from pedalling ability, clients and colleagues have recognised me for my strong analytical, organisation and interpersonal skills.

Moving Ahead and Women Ahead…are creating a fresh and exciting response to developing more inclusive cultures in sport and business, and are building a range of initiatives that enable valuable connections, partnerships and strategic programmes to create positive change.

I bring…a passion for building and managing productive relationships, and a practical and experienced financial mindset. I am driven to exceed expectations, and to deliver the best possible value to our clients and stakeholders.

Please contact rebecca.davies@moving-ahead.org