I am…CLARE ROBINSON and I’m working with Women Ahead and Moving Ahead to help leaders understand how they can create the cultural conditions for them and their people to thrive in our complex, changing and challenging working world.

I’ve been…On a decade-long journey of self-discovery. I’ve experienced first-hand the devastating effects of stress, workaholic behaviours and how they impact your mental and physical health, not to mention relationships! At the lowest points, my journey was incredibly tough, lonely and confusing. Along the way I found my purpose, passion and power, which led me to Sydney Australia and onto the wellbeing path I’m on today. I founded my L&D business specialising in leadership and wellbeing coaching and training five years ago and have already helped hundreds of leaders redress their work/life balance, set up healthy routines for peak performance, and accelerate their learning and development.

I bring…A good understanding of the challenges faced by leaders today and a strong knowledge of finding coping strategies to bring life balance. I performed well and rose quickly through the ranks of the media and marketing world. By my early 30s I was managing partner for a digital agency, where I found myself ‘always on’ in the real-time world of social media. My personal and professional relationships suffered. I knew something was seriously wrong and that I had to do some soul searching about how I’d allowed myself to get to that place. I retrained in wellness coaching, coaching psychology, neuro-linguistic-programming (NLP) and mindfulness. Now, as a master coach, facilitator and trainer of leadership wellbeing programmes, I help others avoid finding themselves in the dark place I found myself in and empower them to find their purpose, passion and power in a sustainable way. 

I love…Coaching and Mentoring and how complementary they are. Coaching helps people discover their passion and I love to see them fly into their purposeful space. But if that person’s passion leads them to set up their own business, mentoring lights me up – being able to draw on your own experiences and help turn someone’s passion into a commercially viable business. 

Women Ahead and Moving Ahead…Is all about engaging everybody in the conversation to champion the diverse brilliance in people. We must create safe environments for everyone to believe in themselves, to be their authentic selves and step forward. I’ve known Liz since university and that’s a passion we both share. That’s why I’m really excited to be working with her and the Women Ahead and Moving Ahead team.