The Actuarial Mentoring Programme

The Actuarial Mentoring Programme (known as AMP) is a cross-company mentoring programme designed to improve diversity within the actuarial profession. The programme was launched in 2017 with the support of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA) and is sponsored by Pension Insurance Corporation. The aim of AMP to date has been to retain female actuaries within the profession, through ongoing career advice and development. While this is still a focus for the programme we are moving towards a wider aim of creating a culture of inclusion within the profession. A mentoring programme like AMP can serve to unite the industry with a common focus, creating a community of leaders committed to their industry, their personal growth and that of others.

There is no question now that the time commitment was absolutely worth it! Looking back over the last nine months it is really interesting to see the difference in my approach to my role and career development – I am also really fortunate that there have been some more tangible signs of the changes I have made, with some opportunities I don’t think would have been available to me without the progress I have made since November.

Steph Cole, Mentee, XPS Group


  • Nine-month cross-company mentoring scheme

  • Matches female and male mentees to leaders from a different organisation who meet once every four to six weeks

  • Mentors and mentees participate in three milestone events that provides core mentoring learning, inspirational keynote speakers and provides a platform for building networks

  • Delivered by mentoring and development experts Moving Ahead

  • Organisations taking part can be from anywhere in the UK


1st November 2019: Deadline for mentors and mentees to upload their profiles

12th November 2019: Matching emails sent to introduce mentors and mentees

Mid-November 2019 (exact date TBC): Launch event in central London

Giving back as a mentor is a great feeling and it’s very rewarding to see my mentee change throughout the programme and achieve her goals, as well as believing in her own talent and ability - which she had all along. It’s also made me stop and think about how I deal with my own employees and colleagues and what I can do to improve day to day. I could not recommend this programme highly enough.

Travis Bowles, Mentor, Axis Insurance

Your amp client partner

Anna Wyatt is your client partner for the AMP programme. For more information or to sign up for the programme, contact Anna on and click here to read her biography.

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