I am… Isabella Nicolson and I’m supporting this fast-growing social impact organisation with its events, administration and communications.

I love… the ethos of Moving Ahead and Women Ahead and am fascinated by the power of mentoring. Supporting the team and our ever-growing range of programmes, I find great satisfaction in making sure everything runs smoothly.  I connect people and ensure they enjoy our programmes - comfortably and enthusiastically.  I’d love to have my own mentor and am keenly learning from the experts about how I make this happen!

I bring… enthusiasm, a fresh perspective and support to the team. As a recent graduate, with experience in communications, I find myself getting involved in all areas of the business and I am excited for what’s ahead. 

Moving Ahead and Women Ahead … helping business Get Ahead by embracing mentoring, diversity and inclusion.

Contact me at 07590 597 223.