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I am... Simone Whitbread, virtual PA to Liz Dimmock 

I've been... a senior PA at various places including Barclays Private Bank. I fell into being a PA early on in my career and it really suits me. You need to have a certain sort of personality to be a PA – We’re all control freaks in our own special way! I went freelance at the end of last year.  It has provided me with much greater work life balance which is important to me as I have a 10-year-old daughter.  

I love... to be behind the scenes supporting a team. My job is to get someone to the meeting; their job is to excel when they get there. Out of work, I’m a dog lover. I have a cockerpoo called Bailey. I’ve also been working as a trustee with a charity called ‘Kids in Sport’, raising money to help children, able or disabled, get involved in sport. I used to love playing golf and was pretty good at it but in-between the charity work, looking after my daughter, the dog and going it alone with my business, I haven’t found much time for that of late.  

I bring... enthusiasm and meticulous organisation! I get really engaged in great causes and challenges and I’ve never experienced mentoring, so I’m really looking forward to that. 

Women Ahead and Moving Ahead… looks to be such a worthwhile venture.  Beyond helping Liz from a PA perspective, I believe the Women Ahead and Moving Ahead team can teach me a lot about running a small successful business and that it is going to be great for my personal development.