I’ve been... working as a research and analysis manager for a consultancy helping clients determine a sustainable growth strategy, ranging from mergers and acquisitions to reviewing sales networks. Previously I have worked for McKinsey as a Senior analyst in their Oil and Gas practice with a focus on benchmarking operational efficiency. In my spare time, I'm a relatively new momma who is trying to ride her bike very fast. Whilst on maternity leave in 2016 I trained for, and became, the Age Group World Hour Record holder.

Women Ahead… is opening our eyes to the value of sport outside of the traditional health benefits. It is creating change by helping women realise their potential in the boardroom and on the pitch. Sport has helped develop my confidence and given me opportunities and skills that have been invaluable in my professional growth and I cannot wait to see and help others achieve their goals.

I bring… 7 years consulting experience and the 'accidental' athlete's point of view. Alongside the problem solving and research skills, I come with a firm belief that often the simple questions are the most pertinent.

Email me at : clarice@women-ahead.org