Alongside mentoring, workshops and keynotes, research and consultancy are a fundamental pillar of our work. Simply, robust research helps us and our clients better understand and address the issues we are aiming to overcome. We carry out research using a ‘theory meets practice’ approach, combining academic, desk-based literature reviews with ‘real world’ insights gleaned from in-depth interviews.

Our research programmes


Networks that work:

Do networks really have the potential to influence individual, organisational and societal change?

Published February 2017
Supported by PwC and HSBC


Turning the gender diversity dial:

The impact of mentoring, from ancient Greece to modern-day organisational performance.

Published September 2017
Supported by Deloitte


A well new world:

Workplace wellbeing today and tomorrow

Published March 2018
Supported by Mizuho

Our consultancy work

Providing consultancy to organisations on their inclusion and diversity strategies underpins our approach and work. By working across a range of initiatives and organisations we are able to provide insights and benchmarks into best practice, in addition to guidance on best-in-class approaches to broader diversity and inclusion.

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