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I am… Martina Petkov and I’m a Client Partner.  I will be working closely with clients to launch and land diverse projects and programmes, to help improve and increase all aspects of workplace inclusion. 

I’ve been… fascinated by the psychology of behaviour. That has taken me into the world of academia, global business and small start-ups, working both client and agency side. Following my degree, I worked as an academic researcher, exploring food risk and consumer behaviour, before moving into a consumer insights role at Unilever/Ben and Jerry’s. After years of client-side experience, I moved to an agency where I developed a project manager role within the research team at Brandwatch.

I’m driven by companies doing something meaningful, progressive and worthwhile.  For Ben and Jerry’s that’s keeping social and environmental responsibility at the core of the business.  For Brandwatch that’s tapping into an endless pool of data to unlock insights from billions of online conversations.

Most recently I was the social media manager for two start-ups, a virtual reality games studio and a media review platform for artists and animators.  I learned a great deal about virtual and augmented reality - both rapidly evolving technologies with implementations across almost every aspect of life.

I love… surfing, the sea and the outdoors in general. Right now, I’m improving my stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) skills.  Earlier this year I became a level one BSUPA instructor and very much enjoy brining people into the sport.  It’s great fun as well as having a positive influence on both mental and physical health. I’m also a keen amateur photographer and love to capture the infinite nuances of nature. 

I bring… energy, passion and endless curiosity. My experience to date has convinced me that effective communication is the foundation for success. What excites me about this role is that I am able to help people and businesses build on and improve relationships across all levels of an organisation. 

Moving Ahead and Women Ahead … feels like such an empowering opportunity.  Helping people in business and life is something I’ve always loved doing. Now that I am part of an organisation that supports companies with developing their diversity and inclusion initiatives, through mentoring and inspirational storytelling - I can already see the potential for transformation.

Contact me at martina@moving-ahead.org or follow me on twitter: @MGPetkov or Instagram: @m.ART.inagram