I am… Katherine Godsmark and I implement, produce and oversee the operational aspect of the business. This includes internal projects, HR operations, IT infrastructure and of course the huge range of events we deliver across our many programmes, the new Summit Series (the Inclusion and Diversity Summit and the Gender Balance Summit), International Men’s Day, or new product launches.

I’ve been… involved in creating change and building human connections throughout my career. Whether driving structural transformation in the face of cultural opposition or educating a local population in marine conservation and ocean survival, each of my experiences has taught valuable mentoring lessons. I guide and am guided by respect and humility. A simple conversation becomes a dialogue and develops a relationship.

I have… lived and worked in some amazing places Europe, Asia and the Middle East which has given me the scope to learn new languages and ways of interacting. To change behaviours we must first challenge our beliefs about other people. Mentoring enables this process for both parties and the impact speaks for itself.

I love… witnessing the energy and momentum our team work at, with their pure drive to do the best for each other and our clients. Events are a key moment in each programme for us witness the hard work, and enjoy the connections of our mentors and mentees. I am privileged to meet incredible people and work with our talented speaker faculty. Being a part of this is inspiring in itself. Mentoring is the visible impact of a shared dialogue – that’s unrivalled in professional relationships. My own mentor taught me to be brave, to be bold and to always keep going. I met her when I was 19 years old (as my line manager), and she is still a huge and constant influence for me.

I bring… proof that learning through experience matters more than meticulous career planning. In respecting cultures and reflecting understanding, we learn the importance of shared dialogue to drive lasting change.

Contact me at katherine.godsmark@moving-ahead.org or 01491 579726