I am… Ella Carmichael and I’m supporting the team as a Client and Programme Coordinator.  I came into the organisation as a temp, to provide admin support, but I loved what was going on so much I applied for a permanent role.  Now I support our client partners to help ensure our ever-growing range of programmes run smoothly. 

I love… what Women Ahead and Moving Ahead stand for and are doing. It’s something that makes an impact in the workplace. We work with some of the country’s leading organisations and I get the privilege of getting insights into lots of them. They are all so different so mine’s varied and interesting work.  I was completely inspired by the first mentoring launch event I helped with - for the 30% Club at the Barbican.  To see all the advance work that goes on behind the scenes and then see it all come together like that on the day – it’s totally amazing. 

I’ve been… studying history at Cardiff University and then took time out to travel through Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia with friends.  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my history degree but, now I’m here, I realise I really enjoy working in a client facing role.  I’d love to become a client partner myself, so that I can build and maintain my own relationships and programmes with clients.  The highlight is hearing the stories about what people are gaining from their mentoring relationships.  It shouldn’t be surprising to me because I acted myself as a mentor to first year students when I was at University but some of the stories here blow you away – it’s amazing to hear how much impact mentoring can have. 

I bring… a calm and organised approach that helps people be the best they can be.  I strive to keep my mind and body healthy.  I enjoy yoga and long brunches with friends.  I’m also trying to read more.  There’s so much you can learn from others.  I’m currently enjoying and can recommend Michelle Obama’s Becoming. 

Moving Ahead and Women Ahead … helping business Get Ahead by embracing mentoring, diversity and inclusion.

Contact me at:

Ella@moving-ahead.org or 07530 198391