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I am… Donna Reeves, I help our partners create a communications and engagement strategy, plan and programme to optimise the impact of diversity and inclusion initiatives and that connects with everything they’re doing.   I have worked with big international organisations and small family-owned businesses; from 150 to 80,000 employees; multi-lingual and multi-cultural organisations.   Each one brought its own unique challenges and I loved working with each of them to help drive the change they needed to deliver growth.

I love… helping businesses join everything up, so there’s no gap between what they say and what they do.  I help organisations create sustainable growth by connecting the strategy, their employees and their customers.

I bring… a passion for people and love helping individuals find their voice and make a difference.

Moving Ahead and Women Ahead… are dynamic and forward-thinking, helping organisations move from a place of “we need to do something…”, to “we know what to do and that you’ll help us do it”.