Women Ahead teams up with Audi Australia

  • Audi Australia is the founding local partner to this mentoring programme – delivered by diversity, inclusion and mentoring experts, Women Ahead

  • The scheme is a pioneering cross-company, cross-sector program that will officially launch before the end of 2018

  • The scheme is the perfect fit for Audi’s #DriveProgress initiative, which strives to open up a more inclusive and diverse conversation with a wider audience

Women Ahead is pleased to announce its partnership with Audi Australia to launch a new cross-company mentoring scheme in Sydney. The collaboration aims to ‘balance the pyramid’ at all levels by facilitating and encouraging the development of strong female talent in some of the best organisations in Australia. The scheme, which is Women Ahead’s first in Australia, will match male and female leaders to mentor women from a cross-section of different organisations. 

The partnership forms part of Audi Australia’s #DriveProgress initiative. Supporting high-potential women from multiple organisations, including the Audi Australia team, the programme will support cross-company mentoring and provide guidance, tools and reflection, with the end goal of increasing the number of females in senior roles. Individuals will be empowered to explore outside the automotive industry and beyond their current environments to bolster their personal development and experience.

Audi Australia will be partnering with like-minded organisations to launch the scheme. Each organisation will be involved in a strategic selection of mentors and mentees and from there, the nine-month mentoring programme will continue with a series of learning and networking events. The scheme will kick off on the 29th November with a special showcase event, at Audi Australia HQ in Sydney. Organisations are invited to attend and should contact Monica@women-ahead.org to learn more about the programme or book their place.

Liz Dimmock, Founder and CEO at Women Ahead, said:

“Women Ahead is delighted to be partnering with Audi Australia and supporting their #DriveProgress campaign. The Women Ahead cross-company mentoring scheme provides a positive platform for organisations across all sectors to take practical action to create tangible change.”

Zena Boakes, Chief Human Resources Officer at Audi Australia, said: 

“Audi sees great value in our partnership with Women Ahead, to generate positive change in an industry which has traditionally been male-dominated.

“We see the enrichment of our team - with a growing number of women in senior roles - as a tremendous opportunity for the individuals involved, as well as for the future success of the Audi business in Australia.

“We also look forward to collaborating with other like-minded organisations through the Women Ahead programme.”

Background Information

About Women Ahead

Women Ahead is the social impact organisation seeking to bring about gender parity.  It is committed to working with organisations to support more women into senior management and leadership roles.  Women Ahead believes diversity of thought, experience and teams lead to better performance. Its focus is on practical action, designing and delivering programmes to bring about equality of opportunity.  Through mentoring, storytelling and research, Women Ahead is improving workplace diversity and inclusion.  Women Ahead is the sister organisation to Moving Ahead, who design and develop programmes for broader inclusion and diversity.  www.women-ahead.org

About Audi Australia

Earlier this year, Audi Australia launched the new #DriveProgress initiative, which aims to start a more inclusive conversation with the full spectrum of the Australian automotive audience. #DriveProgress is about cutting through the jargon to help all drivers understand how Audi designs technology to elevate and simplify their lives.

#DriveProgress is the start of a movement that will gather momentum in the coming months, expanding into all corners of Audi Australia: from HR diversity policies, to the way it does business and interacts with customers, to the activities supported by the Audi Foundation.

Media Enquiries to:

 Alex Duff, Communications Lead, Women Ahead and Moving Ahead, UK alex@moving-ahead.org

Shaun Cleary, Corporate Communications Manager, Audi Australia

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