Research underpins everything we do, and enables us to drive a global dialogue and design and deliver inclusive solutions. We approach all research in the spirit of the growth mindset – to continue to be better tomorrow than we are today.

Our research projects to date are:

A well new world: Workplace wellbeing today and tomorrow

An analysis of wellbeing in today’s workplace, drawing on expertise from the worlds of business, sport, the Armed Forces, prisons and schools.

• Why are businesses investing in wellbeing?

• What is working?

• How can businesses integrate a wellbeing culture?

• Special insights into physical, psychological, financial and environmental wellbeing

Turning the gender diversity dial: The impact of mentoring from Ancient Greece to modern-day organisational performance

How mentoring is affecting gender diversity at work and in society

• The 11 outcomes of great mentoring

• Ten recommendations for mentoring at work

Networks that work: Myths and realities

An in-depth, global research study which uses qualitative data from 31 organisations and a neuroscientific understanding of the workplace. Practical tools to make networks more effective for their members, organisations and society.

• Literature findings – the ‘myths’ of networks versus the ‘realities’ at play in networks today

• The Women Ahead networks life cycle to help pinpoint your network’s development

• International Standards for Effective Networks – a guideline to help your networks perform better