Women Ahead’s team includes internationally-recognised and acclaimed thought leaders and consultants in the field of mentoring programme research, design and implementation. We know the value of two-way learning, and the importance we place on developing effective mentoring relationships is borne out of a wealth of research. There are congruent learnings that span sport and business, and we are committed to enabling this flow of learning, wisdom, inspiration and energy in four key types of formal mentoring programme:

Sport to sport

(elite athletes mentoring aspiring athletes)

Business to business

(cross-company or internal programmes for employees at all levels)

Sport to business

(athletes mentoring business leaders)

Business to sport

(business leaders mentoring athletes, a first-of-its-kind programme)

Research strongly indicates that :


Mentoring is a tried and tested approach to helping people realise potential

"Companies wishing to achieve a greater level of equality of opportunity, typically find that mentoring is the most effective means of breaking down gender barriers.”

- Women Ahead


Mentoring programmes that are intelligently established and managed provide greater benefit

"When effectively designed and managed, formal mentoring makes a positive impact on organisations, women and men, and mentors and mentees."

- Prof. David Clutterbuck


Formal and individualised mentoring programmes (as opposed to informal) are particularly important for women

"Smart companies cannot afford this loss of talent development and, thus, cannot risk leaving mentoring to chance… Women encounter gender-based barriers that keep them from enjoying the full benefits of informal mentoring… Formal development programmes are valued as career enabling significantly more by women than men."

- Catalyst, 2010

"In terms of enabling their career success, women value individualised types of development activity, such as personal feedback, coaching, mentoring and sponsorship – significantly more than men."

- KPMG, Cracking the Code, 2014