Organisational Psychologist, Consultant, Coach, & Speaker 

 Melissa Doman is a master’s level organisational psychologist, consultant, coach, & speaker. She received her Master's Degree in Counselling Psychology from Adler University and her Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and Communications from The George Washington University. 

After several years of work in the counselling field in both employee assistance and private practice, Melissa transitioned into working in organisational psychology & mental health at work consulting. She has served in several roles as a consultant, coach, and in-house advisor in the fields of behaviour change, employee wellbeing, employee engagement, and leadership development. 

Melissa is extremely passionate about mental health awareness in the workplace and bringing that topic to the forefront of everyone's minds in business. She is particularly passionate and speaks about de-stigmatising mental illness and helping companies craft a bespoke approach to understanding, embracing, and creating an inclusive culture around mental health & mental illness. Melissa uses her counselling & clinical experience as a framework in how she views and works with companies and audiences. She views people, companies, and growth through the lens of systemic influence and reframing mindsets, which informs how she views the learning process. Ultimately, this helps her to tailor purposeful solutions that create real change for the organisations she works with.

Melissa lives with her husband in southwest London and loves to travel. She's lived abroad 3 times and travelled to 42 countries.

Melissa is an authentic, humorous, and direct speaker who encourages interaction & engagement from her audiences. People have described her as, ' kind, firm, & a splash of be accountable!' She translates complex ideas into simple knowledge with concrete steps of how to get from point A to B. 

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