I am… Tay Bennett and I’m on secondment with Women Ahead and Moving Ahead.  I’m splitting my time between my role as an Advisory Programme Manager at Ricoh and overseeing Women Ahead and Moving Ahead’s AMP actuary programme and the soon to launch, Women in Rail mentoring scheme.  I’ve been with Ricoh for nine years.  I work closely with our customer panel and other advisory boards, to ensure we stay on the track to deliver what they need today and tomorrow.  As the world of work evolves so do demands on the workplace and I also help our consultancy team transform our customers’ workspaces.     

I love… my family and have a strong family-first ethos.  I also love to dance – tap, modern and ballet – I even used to teach Irish dancing!  I’m passionate about the future of work and helping business secure the sweet spot between artificial intelligence, automation, robotics and ethics.  What I love about Women Ahead and Moving Ahead is the focus on practical action.  Mentoring is a fabulous way to help people develop - it’s why I mentor girls within the care system.  But it’s also about ensuring people have the practical tools they need to do their job and progress.  That’s what drives me most. 

I bring… a drive to help people be the best they can be and ensure they have the practical tools to achieve it.  I’ve a passion for life-long learning - there’s always something new you can learn from someone else and I’m exciting by what comes from those collaborations. 

Moving Ahead and Women Ahead … helping business Get Ahead by embracing mentoring, diversity and inclusion.

Contact me at: or 07881 858 252.