Rachel Vecht

RACHEL VECHT, ambassador for family-friendly employment policies, champion for working parents and carers supporting their children’s educational development and Director at Educating Matters.

A former primary school teacher, lecturer, mentor and literacy consultant, Rachel now provides practical advice to parents and carers about how they can support children’s learning at home.  

The highly regarded training sessions she delivers aim to equip parents (particularly those who are working) with the skills necessary to maximise the precious time they have with their children and get the very best out of them. 

Rachel founded ‘Educating Matters’ while on maternity leave with her first child, and now delivers talks, seminars, webinars, workshops and clinics to thousands of parents in the corporate and public sector. 

She draws upon her background as a teacher, but also upon the real, everyday experiences of being a mother to four children and the challenge of balancing work and family.

In addition to her work within the workplace, Rachel gives talks in schools, delivers a 10-week Positive Parenting and Family Skills course and holds one-to-one consultations for parents across the UK, covering more generic guidance on raising children. She also contributes to articles on parenting and education in the national press and other online forums.

Rachel believes strongly that parental support is the most significant factor in a child’s development and attainment, over and above anything taught in school, and that providing opportunities in the workplace through family networks and strong maternity/paternity policies is something that should be on the agenda of every employer of choice.  It is this that forms the focus of Rachel’s work with Women Ahead and Moving Ahead’s speakers academy.

To book Rachel as a speaker contact Events@moving-ahead.org