Lizzy Nichol

Wellbeing coach and former GB athlete

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Lizzy Nichol is a professional wellness coach, writer and speaker. After experiencing burnout as an international athlete in her twenties, she rebuilt her body through real food and yoga and never looked back. Soon after receiving her certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition she left a successful career in advertising and became a wellness entrepreneur.

Lizzy has hosted wellness workshops at companies including Twitter, Amazon, Nike, Panasonic and Three, on topics ranging from nutrition, energy and sleep to mindfulness, work-life balance and professional self-care. She’s also a trained speaker and MC. Her TEDx talk, ‘Selfish Wins’, makes a case for prioritising our own time and resources so we can more effectively contribute to the world around us.

Lizzy inspires audiences with a friendly, upbeat style, offering practical strategies for optimising health and wellness while balancing a busy professional life.

Watch LIZZY’s showreel