Liz Dimmock

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To our inclusive International Women’s Day event


As International Women’s Day approaches each year, the team and I at Women Ahead are always asked by organisations to support an event or provide a speaker. This year, in the spirit of the #BalanceforBetter theme, I felt it was time to step into the arena ourselves. So it is that we are hosting not just our first International Women’s Day event, but one that strives for balance in all areas and truly reflects our values.


Today’s event brings together a fascinating and diverse lineup of storytellers, educators and performers, including two dames, one Paralympian, a former gang member and a comedienne turned mental-health campaigner. Their stories are told not from a single perspective, but from many, to an audience of not just one, but multiple organisations. Today we are not local, but global; not just live, but live-streamed. And the content will be available  as videos and podcasts to organisations and schools, throughout 2019.


In essence, Women Ahead + International Women’s Day is an event created and delivered by, and shared and celebrated with, as many people as we could reach.

This is our ‘Balance for better’. Gender balance, work-life balance, balance within our organisations, communities, families and minds – all are on the table today. There are countless more perspectives out there. We could fill this stage for days. But for now, let us focus on the balance we have achieved so far and the places we are yet to reach, and let today’s event motivate us to reach them.

To all the individuals and organisations who have supported us making today happen, my heartfelt thanks. We wouldn’t be here without you. Enjoy the programme!


Liz Dimmock,

Founder and CEO, Women Ahead and Moving Ahead