Olympic performance psychologist

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Formerly a teacher, Kate is one of the most experienced performance psychologists in Olympic sport in the UK having worked with Team GB athletes and medallists at seven Olympic Games.  In a context of ambitious medal targets, she was an integral part of the performance team supporting two Olympic sports to deliver historic medal hauls at the both the 2012 and 2016. She has also achieved a strong reputation as a high- performance coach and facilitator with leaders and executives in European and global businesses, in her work as a consultant over the last ten years.

Kate believes that finding solutions to challenges in performance, health, and life can become unnecessarily messy when we focus on symptoms and not causes. Knowing which is which and what to work on starts with understanding how we’re looking at things or the perspective we’re taking. The psychological concept of mindset describes our typical perspective to something and it’s not rocket science that having the right mindset is the basis for better performance, better health, and better living. The challenge however is that despite our best intentions, shifting or changing a mindset is often something that can seem incredibly hard to do.

Mindset is an output from the brain via the mind. As a speaker Kate combines an energetic, practical, and low jargon delivery to introduce audiences to the mechanics behind mindset. Through understanding how mindset is built and maintained as a function of the brain and mind, this is the basis for how it can be trained or changed for personal and professional success.  Kate tasks and empowers audiences to develop practical plans to meet challenges they face and to start building the mindset they want in them self and their teams.

She has a PhD in Athlete Burnout and is also a published researcher presenting to audiences in North America and Europe.