I am….Jo Reed and I am the Office Manager. . I am responsible for helping our organisation shine, ensuring our workspace mirrors mind space – resourceful, dynamic, energetic.

I’ve been…working in people centric roles all my life and in recent years I’ve been on the NHS frontline. It was always challenging, frequently frantic and not for the feint hearted. It’s given me an insight into the way in which seamless administrative support genuinely enables people to perform and be passionate. I engineer a blend of practical processes and objective organisation to help our team achieve their potential. You’ll find me behind the scenes with my sleeves rolled up, delivering structure and support where it’s needed in the office. 

I love…being at the heart of an organisation and seeing the benefits of my office direction brought to life. Empowered people need a work space that feels the same.  I work with an incredibly inspiring collective of individuals who make a difference to others through mentoring and beyond. I relish the ebb and flow of an evolving role which brings new challenges and requires quick thinking and creative responses.

I bring…buckets of pragmatism and good humour. Maybe it’s the unrequited nurse in me (I didn’t pursue it when I wanted to) but I see empathy and understanding as critical to my role here. People are individuals and I want to ensure each person in our space has their own sense of place.