Etienne Stott MBE
DDouble Olympic canoe gold medallist

Watch Etienne's showreel here

Etienne believes in a wealth of untapped human potential. He and his crewmate Tim Baillie became Great Britain’s first ever Olympic champions in whitewater slalom at the London 2012 Olympic Games. The knowledge gained from this journey is what Etienne values the most and he is able to effectively share this with others. His 25-year career in whitewater slalom is a testament to the idea that it is impossible to know what you are capable of until you have either achieved it, or learned something towards the next challenge.

Given the length of his career, Etienne has a huge amount of experience to draw upon and his thoughtful, deliberate approach to sport has yielded insights that he believes can be useful to others, across all walks of life. He has a passionate, authentic style and talks frankly about the challenges of learning to thrive in an extremely demanding environment, believing this approach can encourage and empower people to strive towards fulfilling their potential. 

Etienne will inspire your audience with his stories of determination, and encourage them to grasp every possible opportunity.