Clare Robinson

Entrepreneur and ambassador for leadership wellbeing, champion for mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health

A former highly successful strategist in the media and marketing industry, Clare changed the course of her life when workaholic behaviour left her mentally and physically broken.  Her extraordinary journey of self-discovery led her to understand that if you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. As a master coach and facilitator of leadership wellbeing Programmes, Clare now helps others understand that.

Once described as ‘The stress and burnout’ coach, Clare has thrived to embrace all aspects of wellness, training and coaching. Now she provides the space for people to uncover their passion, purpose and power in a sustainable way. 

She founded and runs her L&D business specialising in leadership and wellbeing coaching and training, five years ago. Now she’s also working with Women Ahead and Moving Ahead to provide leadership level facilitation, training and coaching. In addition to her work within organisations, Clare is also on the coaching panels of the Marketing Academy and The University of Sydney Business School MBA programme. 

Clare truly believes that everyone has greatness within them and that anything is possible.  She provides the space for people to believe in themselves, find their purpose and go on to do great things by helping them build solid foundations based on self-care practices.   

Drawing on her professional and personal experiences, Clare helps others establish healthy routines for peak performance, find work/life balance and maintain their wellbeing in our ever-changing and complex working world. She speaks passionately on the topics of mental health and building resilience for the 21st-century workplace and this is the focus of Clare’s work with the Women Ahead and Moving Ahead Speaker Academy. 

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