Leading women needed to balance boards

…and the support you need to get there

Despite women making progress as non-executive business leaders, a report by Cranfield School of Management this week, highlights the lack of progress for women in executive roles on the boards of the UK’s leading companies. That’s why we’ve developed LEAD.

“We know the power of cross company programmes and have a faculty of subject matter experts,” says Liz Dimmock.  “I wanted to bring these into our first of its kind leadership, excellence and development programme. It’s specifically designed for senior women looking for a secure space, expert insights and the long-term support they need to truly become who they want to be as a leader.”  

Designed by Women Ahead’s, Charlotte Monico (Google’s former EMEA Head of People Development), this unique LEAD programme gives female talent, bespoke tools and support.  Only 18 places, for 18 senior women, from 18 different companies, are available in the programme’s inaugural intake, which commences in September.  

Kicking off with a three-day residential at the beautiful Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire, it’s followed by nine months of triad-mentoring with peers from other industries and unprecedented personal access to world-class experts.  

“The cross-company aspect is a critical,” explains Liz.  “It means participants have a completely safe space to talk openly about the experiences and challenges they’re facing.  We know it works. Industries are different but issues are remarkably consistent.” The approach means there aren’t concerns about commercial confidence or internal politics.  It simply offers participants the opportunity to gain a fresh perspective from those with different skills, experience and expertise to themselves.

“What we’re offering here is very different,” says Charlotte.  “Every participant will identify their own development goal. We’ll give them the provocation, stimulus and support to work on it.  Everyone’s journey will look completely different. And, the thing I’m most proud of is the world-class faculty we’ve built to support participants with their individual journeys.”

That faculty includes Patsy Rodenberg OBE, world-recognised expert on presence, impact and voice, Kirk Vallis, Head of Creative and Capability Development at Google, Dr Kate Goodger, Olympic performance psychologist, Simon Arrowsmith, expert in story crafting and storytelling and Julia Hobsbawn OBE, author and Professor of Workplace Social Health. And, they will work with participants for the duration of the programme.   Its design is unapologetic in this way - built to create the space, time and stimulus senior leaders need.

“The quick fixes aren’t working.  Effective change only occurs over time,” says Charlotte.  She concludes, “I’m proud we’ve created an environment where women can dig deep, understand what they want to change and then develop themselves.  Because, if this week’s Cranfield report about the continued gender imbalance on boards tells us anything, it’s that we need meaningful change - not another check in the box.”  

Grab this opportunity to be, or develop, the female leadership talent in your organisation.  Take a look at our short film here, download our information pack here or contact isabella@moving-ahead.org to secure your place before the LEAD application window closes for this cohort early next month.  The Cranfield School of Management’s report can be found here