It feels like International Women’s Day is needed even more today, than this time last year.

Campaign organisers are issuing a clarion call for women and men to #BeBoldForChange and the team at Women Ahead are right behind this. It is a call to help forge a better working world – to create a more inclusive, gender equal, empathetic world.

We can all be leaders in our own sphere of influence by purposefully working together to help individuals and organisations reach their maximum potential. At Women Ahead and Moving Ahead, we partner with organisations to provide practical ways to achieve and accelerate diversity and more inclusive leadership. We do this through creating and supporting mentoring programmes, providing inclusive leadership programmes and showcasing the stories and lessons learnt from inspiring leaders in sport and business.

The International Women’s Day campaign calls on women to:-

#BeBoldForChange and ...

•   query all-male speaking panels

•   pull people up on exclusive language

•   challenge stereotypes

•   call it out when women are excluded

•   monitor the gender pay gap

•   point out bias and highlight alternatives

•   call for diverse candidate shortlists

•   embrace inclusive leadership

•   redefine the status quo

We’re pleased to say the phenomenal Patsy Rodenbury OBE, one of our Women Ahead Speakers, is talking to a group of lawyers at a leading London law firm this morning. Patsy’s work examines what it means to have ‘presence’ through greater self-awareness, and teaches people how to rediscover the innate presence we all possess, both physically and mentally. Her aim to give women the skills and confidence to share their expertise, their work and experiences with maximum impact and engagement.

Patsy has been Head of Voice at the Guildhall School for more 30 years and has worked regularly with the best-known actors of British theatre, including Judi Dench, Ian McKellen and Daniel Day-Lewis, as well as many of the biggest stars of film and television including Nicole Kidman, Orlando Bloom, Hugh Jackman and Natalie Portman.

To book Patsy for a masterclass at your organisation, or as a keynote speaker, or to attend one of her public masterclasses that we run, please contact Monica at Women Ahead.