Taking time to celebrate the power of mentoring

Having worked in the field of coaching and mentoring for more than 16 years, it is great to be able to celebrate National Mentoring Day today at the House of Lords!

I feel hugely passionate about the power of mentoring to create positive change for mentors, mentees, the systems in which they operate and society more broadly. I have worked across a huge range of types of mentoring (reverse, maternity and paternity, diversity, sponsorship, talent, peer, cross-company) and audiences corporates, athletes, entrepreneurs, students, graduates and more. It never ceases to amaze me how much learning, growth and change can come from great mentoring.

This year I was honoured to be named External Coaching and Mentoring Person of the Year by Coaching at Work, and it was a perfect moment to reflect on the great influencers and mentors I have had. Professor David Clutterbuck taught me so much of what I know about mentoring and I will always be grateful to him.  

Women Ahead and Moving Ahead, which I founded in 2014, have worked with more than 130 organisations and more than 3,200 mentors and mentees. It feels a great privilege to be supporting the UK’s largest cross-company mentoring scheme – the 30% Club cross company mentoring scheme that has supported 72 organisations and 2,258 mentors and mentees in the last four years. This programme is an incredible catalyst for change – and the feedback is that women are increasing in confidence, aspiration and impact – with mentors (who are men and women) learning more about how organisations need to better support women’s careers.

I’m really looking forward to celebrating National Mentoring Day at the House of Lords later today – to continue my learning in this space, hear inspiring mentoring stories and exchange ideas. There’s so much potential in everyone and I truly believe that mentoring can unleash it!

Liz Dimmock