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From the Women Ahead team

Thank you for joining us at our flagship mentoring programme launch at Google last week. The event was a huge success and marked a milestone in the connecting of business and sport for the development of women. We were honored to hear our vision at Women Ahead affirmed by such a fantastic panel of speakers and our fabulous chair Georgie Thompson

“What is being launched today is important. We need to ensure that we are bringing women forward in leadership roles in sport and giving them an opportunity for their talents to be put to use. And we have a real need to encourage girls and young women to get involved in sport… We need to ensure that everybody’s talents are given the opportunity to develop, both for that individual but also for the greater good of society and for our economy.”
- The Rt Hon Theresa May MP

“As a business leader when I think about what it is I've learned that I apply in business every day, it's much more what I learned in rowing and sport than what I learned at university or at business school. That ability to have a vision, to bring people together and to motivate yourselves to perform brilliantly, supporting each other, is something that I think is really important to all of us.”
Matt Brittin, VP Google Northen and Central Europe

“The mentoring relationship is a two-way relationship, and some of the most effective mentoring I've had is from my mentees.”
Prof. David Clutterbuck, globally recognised authority on mentoring

“Having someone to mentor you might just be the difference between you taking sport as a professional career choice and you saying, ‘You know what, maybe I'm not good enough’.”
- Victoria Pendleton CBE, Britan's most successful female Olympian and 9 x World Champion

“I think this project is going to give athletes a five-year or ten-year head start on how things were for me.”
Anna Watkins OBE, Olympic gold medallist

“There is definitely a sense that women’s sport is on the up, that people are more interested in it, but without continued investment there's a risk that we won't keep this momentum.”
Ruth Holdaway, CEO, Women's Sport & Fitness Foundation

“I'm convinced that sport is a big part of the toolkit that women and girls lack when we start in the workplace. There are lessons for business from sport and vice versa.”
Helena Morrissey CBE, Newton Investment Management and Founder, The 30% Club

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We were bowled over by the level of interest and support on the day. For those of you who didn’t sign up on the day, the programme is still open to mentors and mentees, and there are also opportunities for organisations to partner with us.
Please contact

For those of you who have signed up to become a mentor or mentee on the programme the Women Ahead team will be in touch with you shortly to confirm next steps

Thanks again for coming on Tuesday – we hope you that you can be part of changing the landscape for women in sport.

Liz Dimmock and the Women Ahead team