I am… Berrak Shad and I am a Client Partner, managing bespoke programmes, providing training and support.

I’ve been… lucky enough to work both in the UK and further afield. I began my career studying psychology in New York before finding the opportunity to gain an international and multi-sector commercial background with a variety of global companies and brands. Blending my academic footprint alongside my passion for understanding human behaviour has enabled me genuinely drive inclusion and diversity wherever I land. I am committed to initiating organisational, leadership and learning development. For me, these are the growth mindset pillars that will create change within the workplace. Throughout my career I’ve had the benefit of both formal and informal coaching and mentoring. It has helped me start up, start over and stay the course wherever I have been.  I have the confidence to go anywhere and immerse myself in a new challenge.  I want to pay that forward in my role as Client Partner.  

I love… pressing pause and making time for real conversations. The power of active listening should never be underestimated. Mentoring is a two-way process where we listen and learn together. Watching people grow and develop their confidence and competencies is so rewarding.

I bring… a global understanding of the social frameworks and subsequent behaviours we humans employ - sometimes, without even knowing we do it!