Athlete-to-Business (A2B) Mentoring Scheme


The Athlete-to-Business (A2B) mentoring scheme is a first-of-its-kind programme matching elite athletes with a mentor from the world of business. The goal is to support athletes in transitioning out of sport.

The 2017–18 scheme launched in 2017 with 75 mentoring pairs. Mentees include 41 Olympic and 12 Paralympic athletes from more than 24 different sports, matched with mentors from organisations including PwC, Ricoh, Deloitte, Allianz, LSEG and Santander. It is our role to make sure athletes get the most out of their experience as a mentee, and to support them throughout the scheme.


“There is a really good structure and framework around this programme. I have been really impressed and genuinely proud to be part of it.” Allianz, mentor


Why mentoring?

Mentoring is a relationship based on an exchange of knowledge, experience, good will and trust. It is an ongoing conversation that builds personal and professional competencies, with the aim of maximising potential, improving performance and helping the mentee become the person they want to be. We see mentoring as a great way to provide exposure to and contacts within the business world.   

How can mentoring benefit athletes?

  • They learn from the experiences of others

  • The potential to grow a high-quality network outside of sport

  • They develop necessary business skills

  • They can prepare for transition out from elite sport

To learn more about the programme or enquire about joining the Athlete-to-Business Mentoring Scheme launching in January 2019, email