I am… Adrian Di Mambro and together with my team, I bring to life Women Ahead and Moving Ahead’s materials through creative design.  I went to art school to study graphic design. I landed a job before the end of the course and went to work for a couple of agencies – they gave me a great grounding and the confidence to leave employment and go freelance and in 1995 founded my graphic design company, VHD, which was rebranded Perfect Storm in 2011. 

I’ve been… solving problems for organisations and businesses ever since. Ours is a collaborative approach. People come to us with a communication or business challenge and we enjoy creating solutions, whether that’s a print-based solution, digital solution or a mix of both. The business has evolved over the years as the industry and technology has changed but we’re a creative company at heart. It’s the variety of work and challenging briefs that keeps our studio team fired up – some of them have been working with me for more than a decade. 

I love… Creative. Even though my skills have developed to include running a business and all that entails, creative is my passion and I’m never going to fall out of love with it. I also love that we’ve been working with Women Ahead and Moving Ahead since the very beginning. As a rule, we don’t work with start-ups but Liz was introduced to us by an existing client and she was so passionate about her venture that it was hard to say no! We’ve felt so valued as a partner ever since and that’s very important to me.  

I bring… experience. I’ve been doing this a long time now and 30 years on, I’m still involved in the industry that I always wanted to get into. Nothing quite beats experience and whilst it isn’t a formal arrangement, I do mentor those earlier on in their careers who join our creative studio. We’re all continuously learning and are on a never-ending journey to stay up-to-date. This is a fast-changing industry, you can’t be average. We’re an integrated agency so it’s important our wide range of skills are kept up-to-date. We’ll always know the latest marketing and digital trends to implement and can find solutions to any design or communication challenge given to us – we get to do all of that with Women Ahead and Moving Ahead, which is why we enjoy working with them so much. 

Moving Ahead and Women Ahead … helping business Get Ahead by embracing mentoring, diversity and inclusion in creative ways.

Contact me at: or 07966 211459 or follow us on twitter @psPerfectStorm