At Moving Ahead and Women Ahead, we work with world-leading experts within the fields of mentoring, gender, leadership, professional development, personal impact and creativity. When we asked for contributions to ‘Turning the gender diversity dial’ – our 2017 research report into the impact of mentoring on gender diversity – we were honoured to receive eight original and engaging pieces of thought leadership that deserve to be shared with and appreciated by a wider audience.

We encourage you to read each piece and share your thoughts, insights and feedback with us.



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‘Baking from a better pantry’
A special insight on how mentoring generates creativity and innovation
— From Kirk Vallis, Google and Moving Ahead

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‘Value, purpose and potential’
A special insight into how mentoring helps improve retention
— From Professor David Clutterbuck

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‘How mentoring helps leaders connect’
Special insight on empathetic leadership
— From Dame Helena Morrissey, 30% Club and Legal and General