Speaker Academy

The Speaker Academy was set up to provide inspiring individuals with the tools and opportunities to share their story with as wide an audience as possible. Our growing list of speakers include; Business Leaders, Explorers, Olympic and Paralympic Champions, and  World-class MC’s & Facilitators.

We believe that knowledge is worthless if it is not exchanged, and creating and sharing powerful storylines and narratives is a cornerstone of our approach to raising levels of aspiration and inspiration in the organisations we work with. Many of our speakers already have experience of public speaking, so our role is to develop, and ensure that their delivery and content is on point.  Our role is also to help to connect our speakers with companies and organisations which might benifit from their expertise.

We work with world-class experts to help our speakers develop and share their stories.



Patsy is a world-renowned expert on teaching voice, speech and presentation skills to actors, directors, playwrights (including Dame Judi Dench, Daniel Craig, Tim Burton, and Samuel Beckett), corporate leaders, athletes, high-profile statesmen, business leaders and politicians. Patsy’s work examines what it means to have “presence” through greater self-awareness, and teaches how to rediscover the innate presence we all possess, both physically and mentally. Patsy also delivers workshops and keynotes for Women Ahead on the topic of presence and impact. A much liked session for women’s network.

Patsy currently serves as Director of Voice at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and teaches voice at Michael Howard Studios in New York City. Her work focuses on educating and empowering individuals to achieve a strong, dependable and magnetic style of leadership and rapport. Patsy is playing a key role in helping Women Ahead’s speakers shape and convey their stories for maximum impact.

To inquire about booking a workshop with Patsy please email Monica@women-ahead.org



Simon Arrowsmith

Simon Arrowsmith is Head of Story at Women Ahead and works with our speakers to help them tell their story with impact, which is a key foundation, and skill, for accelerating women’s presence and impact. Simon has more than 25 years’ experience in the arts, learning, and development. He specialises in helping people to communicate more effectively by supporting them to craft and tell better stories. Simon is also a speaker for Women Ahead, working with leaders in how to share their stories with maximum connection and impact.


A core workshop that Simon runs for networks, managers and leaders is on personal presence and impact.


To inquire about booking a workshop with Simon please email Monica@women-ahead.org



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