Ricoh UK | Strategic partner


“What Women Ahead have done is very innovative. It’s really hit a point ... a lot of organisations are now realising they want to progress and grow, and there’s a need to work very closely in partnerships with other organisations. And the Women Ahead approach and business model fits really neatly into that space of those partnership approaches in between different organisations, not just in between sports” (Rebekah Wallis, Director, People & CR, Ricoh UK).

A founding partner of Women Ahead, Ricoh have been instrumental in the strategic direction of the Flagship mentoring programme and the scale and growth of Women Ahead as a growing social enterprise.


Ricoh is committed to driving diversity and inclusion in its workplace and, though its sponsorships, to supporting and nurturing athletic talent.

In order to further its work on gender diversity, it has partnered with Women Ahead. Ricoh employees, male and female, are mentoring female employees from British Cycling, as part of a Women Ahead initiative.

Not only is the project helping raise the status of women who work at sporting institutions, it is also providing a channel though which Ricoh can better understand the challenges women face as they progress their careers, particularly those in male dominated environments. Ricoh will take these learnings back into its own organisation.

This initiative will have the strapline: champion.change

Partnership development

Ricoh and Women Ahead are deepening their partnership by combining their expertise to provide a platform for the discussion of issues affecting women in sports.

Ricoh is a sponsor of the LTA, RPL and RBWO. It also supports up-and-coming British female talent (Ricoh brand ambassadors): Johanna Konta (professional tennis player), Charlie Hull (professional golfer) and Yazmin Davis (professional showjumper).

The events Ricoh sponsors provide ideal environments for discussions about women in sport. Together, Ricoh and Women Ahead will gather  influential men and women, from the worlds of business, politics and sports to discuss the factors that are holding back women in sport. The objective is to help generate wider discussion of these topics, and influence change.