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Networks that work: Myths and Realities

An in-depth, global research study which uses qualitative data from 31 organisations and a neuroscientific understanding of the workplace. Practical tools to make networks more effective for their members, organisations and society. 

  • Literature findings – the ‘myths’ of networks versus the ‘realities’ at play in networks today
  • The Women Ahead networks life cycle to help pinpoint your network’s development 
  • International Standards for Effective Networks – a guideline to help your networks perform better

Full report available Here

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Research underpins everything we do, and enables us to drive a global dialogue and design and deliver gender-intelligent solutions.

There are three strands to our research:

1. Ongoing collation, auditing and analysis of existing research.  Our launch study spanned more than 120 articles, white papers and reports on women in sport and women in business. This work is ongoing and we are committed to staying abreast of the current research and thinking. Our team also consists of mentoring thought leaders and research experts. Our mentoring subject-matter expertise and research also underpins everything we design and deliver


2. The commissioning and implementation of our own global research program to enable us to better understand the correlations, traits and environments that underpin women’s success in business and sport, and the barriers and opportunities facing women around the world

3. Bespoke in-company research


Women Ahead provides consultancy support for organisations looking to develop their diversity strategies or put in place new programmes and activities aimed at supporting the development of women.


“I believe in innovation and that the way you get innovation is you fund research and you learn the basic facts. ” 

-Bill Gates


“Research is creating new knowledge.” 

-Neil Armstrong