We see mentoring as a primary way of delivering on the objectives we share with our clients and partners. Women Ahead has a team of global experts that specialise in designing, implementing and evaluating world-class mentoring partnerships between and within the worlds of sport and business. 

Our best-in-class mentoring programmes combine recognised ISMPE (International Standards for Mentoring Programmes in Employment) principals with innovative, world-class approaches and materials (e.g. The Guide, our recently published 78-page mentoring manual) and our aim is to maximise impact for individuals, organisations, and ultimately for society. 


We deliver mentoring through four primary channels:

1 The 30% Club cross-company mentoring scheme. (More info)

2 The 30% Club sport and business mentoring scheme (More info)

3 Internal corporate schemes (Examples include the UBS internship mentoring scheme and the London Stock Exchange Group’s talent mentoring scheme. More info)

4 Member schemes to provide mentoring and networking for existing membership groups (examples include the Women in Sport peer mentoring scheme and the Cityparents scheme. More info


"One of the 30% Club initiatives I am most proud of is our cross- company mentoring scheme. Women Ahead have been invaluable. We’ve gone up a notch since they came on board, and we’re delighted to be working with them in significantly extending the scheme"

Helena Morrissey CBE
CEO Newton, Founder, The 30% Club

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Mentoring is a tried and tested approach to helping people realise potential

"Companies wishing to achieve a greater level of equality of opportunity, typically find that mentoring is the most effective means of breaking down gender barriers.”

- Women Ahead


Mentoring programmes that are intelligently established and managed provide greater benefit

"When effectively designed and managed, formal mentoring makes a positive impact on organisations, women and men, and mentors and mentees."

- Prof. David Clutterbuck


Formal and individualised mentoring programmes (as opposed to informal) are particularly important for women

"Smart companies cannot afford this loss of talent development and, thus, cannot risk leaving mentoring to chance… Women encounter gender-based barriers that keep them from enjoying the full benefits of informal mentoring… Formal development programmes are valued as career enabling significantly more by women than men."

- Catalyst, 2010

"In terms of enabling their career success, women value individualised types of development activity, such as personal feedback, coaching, mentoring and sponsorship – significantly more than men."

- KPMG, Cracking the Code, 2014