Announcing... the Women Ahead and 30% Club cross-company mentoring scheme awards –#inspiredbymentoring


This is where you get to give a little credit back to the people that have made your mentoring journey a reality. It’s an opportunity to say thank you to the mentors, mentees, programme partners and organisations that have allowed you the opportunity to take part in the largest cross-company mentoring programme in the UK and to demonstrate how this has had a positive impact on your life and career.

Submit your nomination today, along with your own #inspiredbymentoring photo or short video.


In memory of Dame Helen Alexander, the 30% Club has created two awards for the Most Promising Mentee, and the Greatest Commitment to Mentoring and invites applications from across the world of business.  UBM plc, the leading global events organiser which was chaired by Dame Helen Alexander for five years, is supporting these awards.



30 May: Deadline for entries

12 June: Winners announced at 30% Club closing event




This mentee has applied themselves fully to the mentoring process; arriving at meetings with specific points to address and with goals in mind. They have spent time working out the ‘nub’ of their issues so their time spent with their mentor is fully used. They have inspired their mentor to approach issues with a different mindset or with new energy. This person has pushed themselves out of their comfort zone to reach new heights!


This mentor has been inspirational to their mentee and has offered multiple professional and personal development opportunities. They have engaged fully in the process and made time for mentoring meetings. They have pushed their mentee to expect more and achieve more. They have committed fully to each meeting and given their mentee 100% of their attention during meetings. They have championed the value of mentoring within their organisation and beyond.


This person has been on hand to answer questions and to help with all aspects of the mentoring process. They have been easy to contact and quick to respond. They have championed mentoring within their organisation and brought senior leaders on board with the programme to ensure buy-in from the top down.


This organisation has used this programme to push their diversity and inclusion further and faster. They have developed add-on events and services to harness the power of mentoring and spread it beyond the core programme. They have supported mentors and mentees to make time for their meetings. They have fully recognised the value mentoring has in improving inclusion.