30% Club cross-company mentoring programme 2017–18


Dame Helena Morrissey founded this programme in 2014 and it has grown year-on-year from 8 to 86 participating companies and 1,540 mentors and mentees. Participating organisations include Deloitte, BT, British Army, Marks & Spencer, Aviva, PwC, London Stock Exchange Group and BNY Mellon.The sixth year’s intake, which commences on 7th February 2018, will be supporting an additional 50 organisations from different sectors. 
The programme, which Women Ahead manage for the 30% Club, aims to develop the diversity and inclusion of organisations, and the pipeline and parity of women at all levels of the career pyramid. The ultimate aim is to attract, develop and retain women into board roles.
Our recent research tells us that the programme is creating tangible positive change for mentees and mentors, including career advancement, increased confidence, expanded networks and personal skills development.  


Mentees are women at all levels of the career pyramid. Mentors are male and female leaders with more than 15 years' experience, up to FTSE-100 chairman level. 

Participating organisations nominate equal numbers of mentors and mentees (up to 30 pairs) who are then expertly matched to a leader from another organisation by the Women Ahead team using profile information and insights.

Mentors and mentees receive briefings, world-class mentoring materials and optional monthly events to accelerate their learning, networks and mentoring skills. 

Each organisation has a ‘programme partner’ who is the main contact for Women Ahead and mentors and mentees.

All briefings, materials and communications for mentors and mentees are provided by the Women Ahead team to make this easy and low-impact on the programme partner’s time.


1st January 2018 – mentor and mentee nomination and profile submission deadline

7th February 2018 – central London launch event

Autumn 2018 – second intake, should you wish to spread the programme across the year

Worth noting:

Your organisation does not have to be a member of the 30% Club to participate. 

Many HMT Women in Finance Charter signatories are using this scheme as a practical and proven deliverable to enable achievement of their gender aspirations. 

Our team can work with you to help advise around how to nominate and invite mentors and mentees based on the programme experience. 

Organisational conflicts of interest are noted and matches are made accordingly. 

What next: 

Please contact Monica Relph (30% Club’s Scheme Leader): Monica@women-ahead.org or Liz Dimmock (30% Steering Committee Member and Women Ahead CEO): liz@women-ahead.org